Network Information

Brisbane - QLD: The network is built on purely Cisco equipment ensuring the best network connectivity and reliability. The network itself is redundant with dual load-balanced Cisco 7206 VXR routers either side to prevent a single point of failure. 3 carriers are used to ensure network uptime and stability and Cisco routers to ensure reliability.
The connections to the Internet Backbone are through ;
Primary link - Pacific Internet
Secondary link - PIPE
Peering is provided by - Pipe IX
Each link has 2 pipes within the datacenter to prevent any single point of network failure.


Datacenter Information

Physical Structure

  • The Brisbane Data Centre is equipped with a controlled environment, redundant power including back up generator, VESDA fire detection and suppression system and full 24 hour security with CCTV and card reader access.

Security & Access

  • Access Control Using Proximity Card Readers
  • Alarm Access System
  • CCTV Camera Monitoring
  • Secure Loading Area
  • After Hours Parking

Environmental Controls

  • Minimum N+1 Redundancy for Air Conditioning.
  • Air Cooled APC FM40 Air Conditioning Units (N+1)
  • Temperatures Maintained at 22ºC (+/- 2ºC)
  • Humidity Maintained at 50% (+/- 10%)
  • Environmental Monitoring

Fire Detection and Suppression

  • Dry Pipe System
  • VESDA Fire Detection
  • Ceiling Smoke Detection
  • Under Floor Smoke Detection
  • FM200 Gas Discharge System

Power Systems

  • Minimum N+1 Redundancy on Power Supply
  • Diverse A&B Feeds Through 120KVA UPS (N+1)
  • Backup Batteries
  • Onsite Power Generator With 48 Hours Fuel Supply
  • 2 Hour Contract For Further Fuel Provision

Server Information

Clients choosing to have their sites hosted in Brisbane are hosted on our dedicated server located in the Pegasus Data Centre in the Brisbane CBD:

  • Intel Pentium 4 - 2.8GHz Processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • HD SATA II drive
  • Uplink Port 100mbps
  • Centos 5.x Operating System


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